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Liquid Robotics Enabling Technology Award

There’s a secret lurking underneath the sea. With more and more oil and gas finds emerging from deep-sea areas offshore surveys are becoming key activity areas for players in the oil and gas industry.

A bulky, energy sucking ROV or remotely operated vehicle is what was commonly used to survey inaccessible deep-sea regions. The need for an expensive support vessel for this impractical machine drove companies to look for a more cost efficient system.

Liquid Robotics has solved each of these problems by developing a system that harnesses the energy from waves enabling perpetual motion capabilities and making the vehicle self sufficient in terms of power. Their lightweight and autonomous capabilities are pushing adoption because this combination negates the need for a support vessel, which runs into 100s of thousands of dollars per day.

Liquid Robotics research and innovation in this field has made them the first company to develop such an autonomous self-powered vehicle that can stay in the water for days on end without too much human involvement. Their innovation has the potential to revolutionize the inspection and survey vehicles field through ease of deployment, cost advantage and the quality of the data.

For their innovation in enabling new, quicker and easier application for the surveying operations Frost & Sullivan is proud to present the 2011 U.S. Enabling Technology: ROVs for Oil and Gas sector to Liquid Robotics.